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Originals "Monster" and "Got Your Own Thang Going" Get Placed in an Upcoming Sha

This is so surreal! Both my originals "Monster" and "Got Your Own Thang Going" (feat. Shade Sheist) have been placed in Sharon Stone's new romantic comedy, A Little Something For Your Birthday!!! On May 3rd, 2017, the movie was premiered to buyers and press at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Press like People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Daily Mail,,, and more have covered the premiere. Public premiere date is TBD. I am beyond stoked, you guys! I cannot wait to attend the premiere, see the movie (I love rom. coms) and especially with two of my songs playing!!

Big shout out to Robert Hamel from Human Element TV, and Matt Brady with MRB Productions Inc for this opportunity!

View Movie Trailer Here:

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