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Scott Robert Lim Photo Shoot | Sneak Peak


I am writing the night before I head to Pasadena City Hall to become the model for one of Scott Robert Lim's mentor classes. I am so giddy! I met Scott previously from a fashion and jewelry show I performed at on April 28th (read my blog titled "Jayme Claire Sings on Fashion Runway" for more details on that). I had been dressed by Houzz of Fashion in the floor length colorful dress that is pictured in my website's homepage. When Scott took pictures of me in my ballgown, he had been particular with the lighting gear making sure the light hit me a certain way, so I knew I had to check this guy out - and he is the real deal! (Just click on his name underlined above to go to his website). So, at 10:47pm, I say goodnight as I dream about tomorrow's adventures! Tomorrow morning I head to San Gabriel where Houzz of Fashion is located. I am very grateful that Houzz of Fashion (@houzzoffashion) has decided to dress me in my outfits! I also have Rossy Lopez (@makeupbyrossy21) coming out to the store to do my makeup! Read on for what happens tomorrow...


I reached Houzz of Fashion at 10:30am with my mom and entered the store. Michelle Qi was sitting at the front counter, and I went over and gave her a big hug! Then, to keep to the tight schedule, went straight to business. I went through the racks of clothes and also tried on the clothes that Michelle had set aside for me. Then, at 11:30, Rossy Lopez arrived and started in on my makeup. Between finding the right wardrobe and getting the makeup and hair just so, I left Houzz of Fashion at 2:00pm. My mom and I grabbed a bite in Pasadena at the local Corner Bakery. We then headed over to City Hall around 3:30pm for a 4:00pm start time. Upon arrival, I saw many photographers with subjects that ranged from graduation to quinceanera. Upon arriving at the fountain, I found Scott Robert Lim setting up his equipment. I went over and "checked in".

Almost immediately, Scott took me over to a patch of pink roses and started snapping away! Soon after, his class started to arrive. For four hours, the team of about ten photographers shot pictures of myself and three other models. We went high and low in the city hall chasing the light. I can't wait to show you the final results, but in the meantime here are sneak peaks from my very own phone (taken courtesy of my mom).

BIG thank you's go out to Scott Robert Lim for the personal invite to come out, Rossy Lopez for the stellar makeup, Houzz of Fashion for dressing me, and my mom for being a great assistant throughout this unforgettable day!!

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