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Original Song "Masquerade" Receives Raving Reviews!

A friend of mine in another state had posted my song "Masquerade" on his social media feed. Instantly, comments started flooding in. These were some of the comments:

Holy crap!!! I don't know her but that is the most beautiful voice I think I have ever heard!!! I would pay to hear you in person! You have been blessed! Your voice is AMAZING! - Mckenzie


Jayme, this is truly amazing. I don't even know you, and I'm in love with your voice. You sound like a young Emmy Rossum, with the tonal control of a professional. This song is truly inspiring and beautiful, and brought a tear to my eye. Please, for the love of all things perfect in this world, don't ever stop singing. Thank you.


I'm completely serious. You have one of the greatest voices I've ever heard, and I'm comparing you with pros. No matter what roads you take in your life, always remember that your sound can take you (particularly you) anywhere. God bless. - Alex


Hello Jayme, I am a non-biased opinion and even by not knowing you I think that you are superb. I have no idea how someone with your amazing talent has not been found yet. Trust me though, it will not be long before that beautiful voice of yours is heard everywhere. You have that sound that just makes my heart melt and you could be singing about bread and butter and you could make it soulful and heart wrenching. - Kyler


I have no idea who you are, but this is absolutely unbelievable.. you have an amazing musical talent, and please take advantage of this beautiful voice that you have =] Music is one of the greatest things imaginable in this world, and you've got a spectacular gift! Keep up the great work! I'll be looking for some more songs posted on here.. so don't let me down! =] - Kayla


Wow. Dang. I have to say...I am officially jealous of your voice, Jayme! Seriously, && it takes A LOT for me to become jealous of something, doesn't matter what it is. You will go far on your talent, I can tell you that! VERY professional and controlled and emotional are the only words that I can think of. SPEECHLESS! - Caitlyn


Thank you, everyone. xx

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