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Luxury Life Style with Samira's Network | Los Angeles

A month before this event, I had met Samira Kazemeni of Samira's Network when a mutual friend of ours had invited me out to perform at a private mansion party in Orange County. Afterwards, she had invited me to this event which was at the Vatican Banquet Hall in Los Angeles. The night was in celebration of networking and the essence of luxury living. There were fashion shows for wedding dresses, and the finest faux fur coats I'd ever seen. For entertainment, there were dancers demonstrating a wide range of ethnic dances, and several vocal performers. There were sponsors all along the banquet walls, a large red carpet, numerous photographers, and a great turnout of beautiful people. As always, I was grateful to be a part.

On the red carpet

Munni Irone (President of Arts 4 Peace Awards) and Me

Book Author, Pepper Jay and Me

Makeup Artist, Blanca Bonitas

The talented Four Play Clarinets

CEO of Samira's Network, Edy Chalita

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