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Jayme Claire Sings for U.S. Marines' Toy Drive

A week before December 18th arrived, I met eZWAY Broadcasting CEO, Eric Zuley at another Kiss The Monkeys event that my band and I performed at. Eric invited me to come and perform at his event Community Santa. This was hosted by him to raise toys for the U.S. Marines Corps' Toy For Tots Program. I of course was honored and thrilled!

The high-end event was located at the new Tree House Lounge located near the heart of Los Angeles. During the mingling on and off the red carpet, I met genuinely kind people like former NFL player, Pastor Emeree Patterson, his beautiful wife, and former American football cornerback, Paul Pratt. I also met mega producer, Gary Miller who has produced for the likes of David Bowie, Lionel Richie, George Michael, and more. He was there to support eZWAY, and to also spread word about his newest music project: Rock Against Trafficking's Set Them Free debut album. Rock Against Trafficking (#rAT) is an organization with a mission to stop human trafficking.

I also ended up on the red carpet and did my thang! ;) Had the honor of being photographed by Getty photographer, Maury Phillips. Then, before you knew it, it was showtime! I performed a Christmas classic, "Winter Wonderland" and my original song, "Monster".

After my performance, I was interviewed by the extremely kind Allison Hildebrandt Larsen with eZWAY TV and continued to socialize until I couldn't socialize no more! The night was a success!

Event Coverage By: Wire/GettyImages, EXTRA, Amazon Fire TV, Actors Reporter, FanTV, Max It Magazine, eZWay Magazine, eZWayTV, Pr Photos, DanteTV, Huffington Post, Voice America TV/Radio

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