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Performing for Sue Wong | Hollywood Hills

Tonight I performed for my soulmate in fashion, SUE WONG at her Hollywood Hills' Cedars Estate! But first, let me explain how I go here...

I had first met Sue a week ago on July 22nd at her Los Angeles studio. She was having a moving sale in which she had a studio packed full of intricate dresses. I reached heaven with how many times my breath got taken away!

I met Sue through a social networking group called Kiss the Monkeys by which a business associate knew and had introduced me to. The night at the studio had been magical, but it had not prepared me for the grandeur that is Cedars Estate! Just like Sue's dresses, her home was exquisite down to her smallest detail.

I was also first introduced to the band Player's (hit song Baby Come Back) keyboardist, Jawn Star (aka John Walsh) who also performed that night! And that in a nutshell is how my story with Sue began!

Now, in prep for tonight, I had gone by SUE WONG's studio, again earlier this week and tried on several dresses. The one that spoke the most to me and to her assistants was the black, floor length, renessaiance gown with golden detail. And this is how my "Cinderella moment" as I call it, began!

SUE WONG frequently uses the hair services of Carlos Zapata and Luis Martinez, so I called them up and asked them to make the upper half of me compete with the dress! Before the performance, I drove to their studio located near Los Feliz, and with their final touch, I was ready for the ball of a lifetime. It truly was.

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