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Debut Original -EP- "Masquerade" is Released!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that my debut Masquerade -EP- has been released onto all major digital distributors: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more! This project has been such a growing experience that I know will not end here. I loved being in the studio, and consider being in my second haven. This project also taught me the power of collaboration and teamwork. I want to thank Chase Green of Empire Digital Recording Studio (EDRC) for your unwavering belief in me, and bottomless coffee; Eddie Towner for your brilliant ear in mixing and percussion; Marcus Vann for your immense talent on the bass on "Let Me Let You Leave" and Uros Raskovski for your solid intuition on guitar - it was an honor to have one of my college professors become a music colleague. What a milestone and I can't wait to see how my original songs will be felt and interpreted by my fans. It's always a vulnerable moment sharing a piece let alone five pieces of your heart with the world. Yet, by doing so it sets my creative soul free. Please feel free to spread the word to your family and friends!

xx JCM

Photo by: Saryn Christina

Makeup by: Christine Nataya

Hair: Davi Davenport

Album Cover: Dale Voelker

Mastered: Kirt WipFli

Mixed: Eddie Towner

Produced: Chase Green Music Group

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