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Debut EP Contract Signed with EDRC Studios | San Pedro

Today I signed a contract with Chase Green of Empire Digital Recording Studio to start on my debut -EP- project! There will be five songs total. I have butterflies as I write this because I never thought this day would come soon enough! I'm really living out my dreams and am going to be putting out original material for the world to hear!! It's the best dream my singer/songwriter heart could ask for, and I feel that this is my moment. This is my time. Studio, here I come!!


Few months later...

Just had Uros Raskovski (one of my college professors) in the studio, today to track guitar on my song called Let Me Let You Leave. At CCM, Uros taught me rhythm, modes, and an ensemble band, to say the least! I loved how intuitive his guitar playing is and asked him to be a part of this song - it was begging for a killer guitar solo!

Same day, I had bassist, Marcus Vann come and track on Let Me Let You Leave. Marcus came highly recommended by a musician friend of mine back in Washington state, and so I had to have him! I met Marcus in person when he stepped into the studio. Instantly, I knew we'd be good friends!

I can't wait for you to hear this song! Well, all songs, but with these two musicians, LMLYL really came alive, and I'm just hearing the sketches. Next, will be to go through everything and pick the best of the best!


In the studio with Shade Sheist tracking vocals for "Got Your Own Thang Going".

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