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"I've seen thousands of bands perform here at The Mint in my 15 years as a manager. Jayme Claire is one of the very best!"

- Kirk Gaudi, The Mint manager





Soulful pop with sultry, and jazzy over tones is how critics are describing Jayme Claire.




Graduating in 2013 from Pasadena’s California College of Music (CCM) with a degree in contemporary music, Jayme had the honor of learning from Kevin Dorsey, one of Michael Jackson’s directors of music for twenty-five years, and has been vocally trained by the legendary Oren Waters (Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, Waters Family) and many more. She has performed at the esteemed Carnegie Hall, House of Blues, Xen Lounge and made many guest appearances at The Avalon, Saban Theatre, and Globe Theatre stages in Los Angeles.  Jayme has also performed twice for Berry Gordy’s family, Sherry Gordy Presents in Las Vegas.  Jayme continues to make requested appearances throughout the year.

As a published artist & songwriter in TV & Film, two of her original songs, 'Monster' and 'Got Your Own Thang Going (Feat. Shade Sheist'), were placed in a Sharon Stone movie called “All I Wish.” The movie was released worldwide in theaters and began streaming March 30th, 2018. Some other originals, 'Hidden Love', and 'One Way Heartache,' officially released on her EP 'Swagger & Chrome' in 2019, have also continually found a place on the popular daytime soap, 'The Young and the Restless.' 

On February 8th, 2019,  Jayme Claire released her danceable single, 'Strut' off her debut album, 'Swagger & Chrome' making an appearance on, and more. 'Swagger & Chrome' EP followed the single's release on March 29th, 2019. 


Presenting audiences with heart-felt vocal performances, it’s my personal mission through my lyrics and song choices to inspire and encourage all ages to never give up dreaming, know their worth, and to always have hope. 

-  xx Jayme Claire





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