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Sherry Gordy Presents Pt. 2 | Las Vegas

As if last time wasn't the best time of my life, I returned to Sherry Gordy Presents at the Fiesta Hotel & Casino in August for my second performance! This time, Davi Davenport would be the honorary MC of the night! So, for the second time, my parents, Davi Davenport of Davi Davenport Live, and I headed to Las Vegas.

The night was jumping around 8pm when doors opened. The red carpet was laid out and the lights were burning bright. Cafe style tables were placed near the stage and ladies and gents in their finest attire began to take their seats as showtime drew near. Performers were scattered behind stage and throughout the crowd with their time slot to perform ticking in their heads. At 9pm, the band cracked to life in one swift solid movement and we were off!

Davi Davenport took the stage with co-host, Daniel Fisher and prepared the crowd for the fun night that was to come. And, it sure was fun! By the end of the night, people were dancing like I've never seen before! Sherry Gordy took the stage and joined the background vocalists in their choreographed dance! I was up on the dance floor spinning and praying to God my feet didn't collide with each other! I was giggling for joy the whole night.

I performed a couple songs with the band, and spent the rest of the night with my audience. It truly was another magical Sherry Gordy Presents night!

Again, a big thank you goes out to Davi Davenport for her belief in me and opening this door to perform!

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